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In a dutch oven heat olive oil over medium high heat. Dust chicken with cajun seasoning on both sides. Place chicken in the dutch oven and fry until brown on each side. About 4 minutes per side. Remove the chicken and reserve. Add the sausage to the pan and fry until brown about another 4 minutes. Add the onion, pepper and celery to the sausage cooking together stirring until soft 6-8 minutes.

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Pour in chicken broth, water, tomatoes and reserved chicken then bring to a simmer over medium heat. Turn heat to medium low and pour in the rice stirring to combine. Cook over a low simmer for about 20 minutes or until rice is done. Remove the chicken and shred it with a fork returning it to the pan.

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Place the shrimp and okra in the pan and cook for an additional 6 minutes over medium low or until shrimp are pink and done. Add hot sauce, salt and pepper as desired. Serve this hearty gumbo in bowls with crusty bread and enjoy.

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